Ancient, Mysterious and Attractive


Nature is generous with inventions and a new exhibition of the Museum of the World Ocean proves this one more time. Visitors can learn more about the marine echinoderm at the exhibition Depth – this is one of the most ancient and mysterious dwellers of the ocean: we will show you a beautiful and splendid world of these animals.

People gave quite romantic and even cosmic names to this “spiny clan”: starfish, sea lilies and ophiuroids. After all, the World Ocean is a huge Universe where absolutely any shape, content and survival method can be found.

The “blood” similar in composition to the sea water? This is the blood running in the “veins” of these amazing creatures. The history of existence and development of the exotic “families” where passion gets heated as much as in a film about the Italian mafia? This is also about them. The echinoderms are one of the most ancient animals on the planet, they are about 500 million years old!

Over this period, they have “built” a “perfect body”: it protects both themselves and the environment they inhabit from pollution, since these creatures are so-called cleaners of the sea. A five-pointed symmetry of the body is one of their most striking features. In general, they are a true symbol of harmony. Come, take a look andget amazed!

The exhibition “The Amazing World of the Echinoderms: Fossils and Modern” is open for visiting at the permanent exhibition Depth.


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