Diving into the Wild Underwater World


The Museum of the World Ocean prepared an amazing undersea trip to the Wild Underwater World. This is a new exhibition located at one of the most mysterious and peculiar museum areas – a hold of the R/V Vityaz.

Everything is miraculous here: from surroundings andatmosphere to the concept of the exhibition. The thing is that the project is a real championship, a competition for professional underwater photographers held within the Underwater Photography Festival. It has been held since 2015 and has become a significant event in the culture life of Russian and other countries. About sixty underwater photographers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belorussia, Sweden, Germany, the Philippines and Thailand present their 200 photographs of deep water made in various seas, oceans, lakes and rivers worldwide. Both winners and awardees of prestigious Russian and international competitions as well as underwater photography beginners take part in the Festival. It is a great opportunity to show their works to wide audience and take part in cultural and educational activities for the younger generations.

Each picture contains great talent and enormous work. Authors had to carry an aqualung and a 15-kg photo equipment, to struggle against currents, to encounter stinging jellyfish and other dangerous deep-sea species in order to take a picture of sea inhabitants and simply capture a fish in muddy water with a lens. Please, believe us, not every fish would like to pose a portrait. But the result is worth waiting: the ocean step by step reveals its secrets and shows stunning beauty of the underwater world. Annually, the Festival starts at the State Darwin Museum in Moscow and then successfully travels around the country, so people not only know about it but wait for it as well: in Omsk, Yaroslavl, Uglich, Saransk, Naberezhnye Chelny, Kislovodsk, Obninsk and Minsk.

The geography of the festival is expanding every year. This year, residents and guests of Kaliningrad can slightly raise the edge of the water and take a glance at the amazing underwater world through the eyes of photographers. The major partners of the Festival: the State Darwin Museum and the Union of Wild Nature Photographers.

Duration: September 4, 2020 – December 4, 2020.



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