Covid-19: guidelines for visitors after the museum reopening

The Museum of the World Ocean reopens its doors to exhibitions after the lockdown. We take care of our visitors’ and employees’ health and have developed certain easy rules for visiting the museum in this period.

Please, buy tickets online, at ticket kiosks on the territory near the main museum building and ticket offices. By buying a ticket you agree to follow the rules and instructions at the museum objects (body temperature control, social distancing, wearing a mask).

Please, allow the museum staff to measure you body temperature with a noncontact thermometer. Guests showing high body temperature and ARVI symptoms are not allowed to visit the museum exhibitions.

We kindly ask you to keep social distance, put masks and gloves before entering an exhibition room. If necessary, you can buy a kit at the museum gift shop.

Maximum number of visitors per exhibition area:

  • Exhibition Depth - 30
  • Aquariums - 10
  • Ground floor lobby (Main building) – 10
  • R/V Vityaz НИС «Витязь» - 50
  • Exhibition centre Packgaus 1- 20
  • Exhibition centre Packgaus 2 - 10
  • Exhibition pavilion Water Cube - 7
  • Submarine B-413 – 7
  • Friedrichsburg Gate - 48
  • Koenig Gate - 10
  • Maritime Exhibition Centre (Svetlogorsk) – 60

Please, disinfect your hands with sanitizers located at the entrance to the exhibition.
Thank you for your understanding and see you at the museum!

   mkrf smedia