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Three Reasons to See Steam Engine

The Museum of the World Ocean presents a new exhibit to its guests – a marine steam engine. The machine “arrived” to the museum from theKaliningrad nautical school where it has been a cadets’ training tool for a long period. There are at least three reasons to see an uncommon exhibit and then explore a new exhibition ‘Steam in Human’s Service’. It’s possible to travel to the past, find yourself a passenger on board an old steamer and see an assembly of a marine engine. The machine displayed at the exhibition has got special service cutouts. They let you take a look under a metal plating and see many elements in detail. You’ll be convinced that inspiration may come at an unexpected hour. According to sources, it was Scottish mechanical engineer James Watt who came to an idea of how to condensate vapor and upgrade an atmospheric engine, a herald of the technological revolution: when he spotted columns of steam rising from under laundry boiler lids due to pressure. This intriguing fact is just a small drop in the history of a steam engine you can learn at the exhibition ‘Steam in Human’s Service’.

Lovers of aesthetic and technological aspects can “travel” to Saint Petersburg and get to know about the legendary icebreaker Krassin – the exhibition is supplemented with a technical description of the icebreaker’s steam engine that was considered the best of a kind in that period of time. Today, the icebreaker Krassin is a museum’s branch in Saint Petersburg and visitors can learn more about this ship, a symbol of the national history, at the exhibition ‘Steam in Human’s Service’.

The history of the technical progress at the display ‘Steam in Human’s Service’ is on at the permanent exhibition Depth.

Barque Sedov’s Oceans

We passed 4 oceans, 14 seas and crossed the equator twice.
Under sail, we conquered the Northern Sea Route and survived several severe storms. We dreamt of the
ocean and our dreams came true thanks the museum’s old friend – the barque SEDOV – the largest
sailing training ship in the world, as well as to the staff of the Museum of the World Ocean who entrusted
us with a 21 st -century naturalist’s mission.

Pavel Matviets and Eugenii Mashkovskii,
research team of the Museum of the World Ocean,
participants of the barque Sedov’s expeditions – ‘Sails of the World’ and ‘Northern Sea Route 2020’.


The Museum of the World Ocean has launched a new exhibition project - ‘The Barque Sedov’s Oceans’. The exhibition is devoted to the 100 th anniversary of the vessel, the largest sailing training ship in the world.

The exhibition is based on items collected during the circumnavigation ‘Sails of the World 2020’ organized in honor of 200 years since the discovery of Antarctica and the 75 th anniversary of the Great Victory. These are biological and geological specimens, artifacts, drawings and photographs that have enlarged the State Museum Holdings.   

Two museum employees, artist Eugenii Mashkovskii and senior research officer Pavel Matviets, made research on board Sedov thus keeping the traditions of Russian research seamanship. The research team managed to compile and bring a collection comprising over 500 pieces including those have been displayed for the first time at the exhibition. The barque’s jubilee let curators to combine several types of exhibits at one space, these are natural science and ethnographic items collected at foreign ports, paintings, photographs and video diaries. A separate section will be devoted to the history of the barque Sedov, its crew and ship’s amazing fortune.

The solemn opening was attended by Vladimir Volkogon (rector of the KSTU), Alexander Gruntov (director of the BFFSA), Viktor Nikolin (captain of the STS Sedov) and Mikhail Eremchenko (captain of the STS Krusenstern). AVTOTOR Company also received gratitude for supporting the museum team during the circumnavigation.

Together with the crews of the sailing ships and trainees on Sedov, the Museum of the World Ocean narrates about the unique barque that glorifies Russia and the Kaliningrad region all over the world as well as about the expedition that has entered into history of navigation. The exhibition ‘The Barque Sedov’s Oceans’ is displayed at the Congress Hall of the main museum building from February 20 to the end of the August, 2021.


Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy and personally rector V. Volkogon for organizing the expedition and assistance in preparing the exhibition ‘The Barque Sedov’s Oceans’ 

United Shipbuilding Corporation and personally director general A. Rakhmanov for assistance in preparing the exhibition of P. Mikhailov’s drawings ‘A Journey to the South Pole’ on board the STS Sedov 

Avtotor Company and personally Mr. V. Shcherbakov for financial support of the museum research team 

STS Sedov captains E. Romashkin and V. Nikolin, the crew and cadets for supporting the museum research team during the expedition

Embassy of the RF to Uruguay and personally counsellor of the Embassy V. Popovich for organizing meetings with the museum community in Montevideo

Museum staff in Brest (France), Las Palmas (Spain), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Russia (Vladivostok, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Egvekinot and Murmansk) for assistance in identifying and collecting objects of museum significance

Staff of the Polar Branch of the VNIRO in Murmansk and personally Ms T. Pashkova for assistance in compiling natural science collections

Military Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Pacific Fleet and personally director N. Demidov for organizing collection of geological specimens on Kamchatka and the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

Cameraperson V. Kosyak (Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy), photographers V. Semidyanov and V. Pritchenko, first mate P. Starostin (STS Sedov) for photographs and videos

PHOTOSMENA.Wonders Nearby

Everyday routine often makes us forget and miss the beauty and vulnerability of the world around. The Museum of the World Ocean and Friday Center encourage you to halt and take a glance at amazing corners of wild nature of the Kaliningrad region as well as its fauna portrayed by talented photographers from all over Russia. They were lucky to seize the moment and make an intriguing capture. Several dozens of large-sized photographs will move you into a unique world of the Amber Land and remind that its protection depends on us! Photographers from diverse cities in Russia made the pictures in 2020 within PHOTOSMENA project organized by FridayCenter company and under support of the Government of the Kaliningrad region.

The project is curated by recognized experts in photography:

  • Sergey Lukankin, organizer of photo tours to hard-to-reach corners of the Earth, prize-winner and finalist of Siena International Photography Awards 2018 and National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2017;
  • Alexei Voron, landscape photographer, blogger, traveler, author of Kolyma and the Okhotsk Sea Region photo album.

Welcome to the exhibition from February 17 to April 5, 2021.

Besides the exhibition, there will be workshops on photography by professional photographers.

World Whale and Dolphin Day

On February 18 to 21, the Museum of the World Ocean invites everyone to fall into an amazing world of sea mammals’ world!

Lessons, lectures and conferences will be held at the museum in celebration of World Whale and Dolphin Day on February 19. It was established in 1986 after the International Whaling Commission declared a moratorium for whaling. The decision saved many marine giants and drew attention to a fortune of other inhabitants of the World Ocean demanding protection, too.

Tours to Lighthouse

Every Saturday, the Museum of the World Ocean invites you to an intriguing journey to the lighthouse in Zalivino Settlement by bus. First, you listen to a lecture about lighthouses and lighthouse service at the main museum building in Kaliningrad and then go to Zalivino. On your way to the settlement, you learn a lot about the region and its attractions; in Zalivino you visit a local museum and then head to a lantern tower, go up to a terrace and enjoy the Curonian Lagoon seascape. 
Each tourist gets a personal certificate certifying they have visited the lighthouse in Zalivino Settlement.
Departure: every Saturday at 10.30 a.m.

Venue: entrance to the main building of the Museum of the World Ocean (1 Petra Velikogo Embankment, Kaliningrad). 

Prior registration is required.
Tel.: +7 (4012) 53-17-44, +7-900-346-41-41.

Tickets are available at a ticket office in the main museum building.
Ticket price: adult — 900 roubles; child (aged 6 to 16) —750 roubles. 
The lighthouse is available for a self-tour as well on Saturdays at 12 pm to 2 pm (prior registration is required). 
Tickets are available via http://tickets.world-ocean.ru/ru/#id=1
Ticket price: adult — 150 roubles; child (aged 6 to 16) —100 roubles. Please, have your payment confirmation when visiting the lighthouse.
See you at the lighthouse!

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