Maritime Cultural Heritage of Russia: Baltic Sea

The book “The Maritime Cultural Heritage of Russia: the Baltic Sea” jointly prepared by the Museum of the World Ocean and the P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology (Atlantic Branch) has been published.

For many years, the Museum of the World Ocean has preserved and promoted national maritime cultural heritage simultaneously attaching wider
sense to this task. The legendary historic vessels are moored at the museum quay and its exhibitions revive maritime traditions. Besides preservation of ships and architectural monuments, the museum takes an active part in the fortune of maritime cultural heritage objects both in the Kaliningrad region and other regions of Russia. The Russian Baltic cultural heritage objects are of a special interest.

The partnership between the Museum of the World Ocean and the Atlantic Branch of the Institute of Oceanology RAS made it possible to jointly work at implementation of the BalticRIM: Baltic Sea Region Integrated Maritime Cultural Heritage Management and at preparing a unique publication “The Maritime Cultural Heritage of Russia: the Baltic Sea”. Together, the Museum of the World Ocean, the Institute of Oceanology and the Scientific and Research Institute of Maritime Spatial Planning Ermak NorthWest (Saint Petersburg) made a database of maritime cultural heritage objects in the Southeast Baltic and the Gulf of Finland, including a description of the objects, their location coordinates and other characteristics.

This is the first book of the kind containing summarized information on land maritime cultural heritage objects (lighthouses, hydrotechnical facilities, castles and fortifications, monuments, etc.) as well as information on underwater archeological objects – wrecks, both identified and unidentified. The descriptions are supplemented with colourful photographs and the map featuring the most interesting maritime cultural heritage objects in the Kaliningrad and Leningrad regions. 

Laborious work on data analysis, description and classification of maritime cultural heritage objects of the Southeast Baltic makes the publication
unique and valuable for the audience dealing with professional study of maritime cultural heritage. Accessible presentation makes it a true guide book along historic monuments, so it will be interesting for a wide circle of readers.

Russia is a great marine power with an access to two oceans and thirteen seas. Concern for maritime heritage is one of the key elements of a national public image at the international arena. We are glad the book “The Maritime Cultural Heritage of Russia: the Baltic Sea” was published on the 325 th anniversary of the Russian Fleet and hope the publication will attract attention to maritime cultural heritage objects as well as become an important stage in solving the issues of their preservation.

The publication in Russian and English is available at the Russian library and scientific collections and holdings.

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