Go for Laughing!


The Museum of the World Ocean celebrates its jubilee and encourages you to look at yourself through the lens of humor. It is ready to show you that a museum isn’t a boring place but on the contrary, jolly and fascinating. Followed by Water Assembly Maritime Festival, the new exhibition Happy Birthday, Dear Museum! starts on September 10. The opening will be attended by Igor Pashchenko, a cheerful person, a talented artist and a famous Kaliningrad cartoonist.

For several months, the lobby to the congress hall on the first floor of the main building will be transformed into a room full of funny “serious” exhibits. All the drawings are devoted to the Museum of the World Ocean, the artist’s old friend. Water Assembly, unique exhibits, the Historic Fleet Embankment and the future museum Planet Ocean – the artist has interpreted all these topics in a funny and creative way. The new project encourages you to see the life in a merrier way and always remember Baron Munchausen’s words, “a serious face does not make you intelligent, gentlemen. All the foolish and silly things in this world were done with this facial expression. Smile, gentlemen, smile.”

Brief info
Igor Pashchenko has been fond of the sea since his childhood. He graduated from the Kaliningrad Navigation College. Igor imagined himself as a
captain at the bridge of a big ship smoking a pipe and wearing a snow-white peaked cap. He had got a pipe and he also was at sea but his captain’s career met his old dream – to be an artist. So, an acoustician who created wall newspapers for a nautical school left a career at sea for the sake of caricature. But why caricature? As the author explains, “because it’s funny, people smile. Because it’s always an anecdote, a paradox. How can we live without caricature? It’s not possible.” In 1980, Igor published his first illustration in a local newspaper of Zelenogradsk, it was about the sea. Later, his works were published in the Mayak fisherman’s newspaper and very soon his caricatures were found in many all-USSR and republican newspapers and magazines. Nowadays he is a prize-winner of numerous international caricature exhibitions. His hand is sharp, his individual style is unmistakably recognizable – it is laconic, deep and grotesque. Lambent humour is always surprising but never evil or sarcastic.


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