Letter of Thanks from Italy


The Museum of the World Ocean and its branch in Saint-Petersburg, the icebreaker Krassin,  received a letter from descendants of participants of Umberto Nobile's expedition.

On its 103rd birthday, the staff of the museum and branch, the legendary icebreaker Krassin, sent a letter of support to its Italian colleagues. In 1928, it was the Krassin, that managed to break through the Arctic ice and rescue the participants of the polar expedition and its leader Umberto Nobile whose airship Italia crashed. The humanitarian action became one of the heroic pages in the history of the USSR. ThedeedbytheKrassincrew was imprinted in science, art, literature and even industry. Memoirs of the heroes were published in numerous editions and the book by E. Mindlin (correspondent of the icebreaker Krassin) became a table-top book for several generations of Soviet kids and young people.


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