World Space Week at the Museum of the World Ocean


Early October is not only the period of yellow leaves and last warm days but it is also the time when we are closer to the stars. Haven’t you noticed this? But it’s true, this is when World Space Week takes place – at the beginning of the second autumn month. The week begins on October 4 and the Museum of the World Ocean traditionally invites you to reveal the secrets of the Universe. This week guests of the museum are going to take part in “space” quests, workshops, tours and quizzes. If you have dreamt of launching a rocket into space, you should go to the museum, too. There is Zapadniy cosmodrome here.

Captivating lessons at the planetarium will reveal the secrets of Ursa Major, Orion, Cygnus and many other constellations and on board the vessel Kosmonavt Viktor Patsayev you will learn how cosmonauts live on the ISS as well as get to know about the flights of the fellow townsmen cosmonauts, the history of the “space” tie; see a captain’s bridge of the last “Star Flotilla” vessel and walk along the decks.

Moreover, follow the museum’s social nets. Every day, on October 4 to 10, there will be a question about the stars and their conquerors and this is a chance to win a prize from the museum (awarded individually). The most active followers will take part in a quiz for a special “space prize” at the end of the week. Please, remember, that theoretically you can get gifts every day during the whole space week. So, good luck and OFF WE GO!

Please, book your lessons at the planetarium via phone 007 (4012) 53-17-44


Go for Laughing!


The Museum of the World Ocean celebrates its jubilee and encourages you to look at yourself through the lens of humor. It is ready to show you that a museum isn’t a boring place but on the contrary, jolly and fascinating. Followed by Water Assembly Maritime Festival, the new exhibition Happy Birthday, Dear Museum! starts on September 10. The opening will be attended by Igor Pashchenko, a cheerful person, a talented artist and a famous Kaliningrad cartoonist.

For several months, the lobby to the congress hall on the first floor of the main building will be transformed into a room full of funny “serious” exhibits. All the drawings are devoted to the Museum of the World Ocean, the artist’s old friend. Water Assembly, unique exhibits, the Historic Fleet Embankment and the future museum Planet Ocean – the artist has interpreted all these topics in a funny and creative way. The new project encourages you to see the life in a merrier way and always remember Baron Munchausen’s words, “a serious face does not make you intelligent, gentlemen. All the foolish and silly things in this world were done with this facial expression. Smile, gentlemen, smile.”

Brief info
Igor Pashchenko has been fond of the sea since his childhood. He graduated from the Kaliningrad Navigation College. Igor imagined himself as a
captain at the bridge of a big ship smoking a pipe and wearing a snow-white peaked cap. He had got a pipe and he also was at sea but his captain’s career met his old dream – to be an artist. So, an acoustician who created wall newspapers for a nautical school left a career at sea for the sake of caricature. But why caricature? As the author explains, “because it’s funny, people smile. Because it’s always an anecdote, a paradox. How can we live without caricature? It’s not possible.” In 1980, Igor published his first illustration in a local newspaper of Zelenogradsk, it was about the sea. Later, his works were published in the Mayak fisherman’s newspaper and very soon his caricatures were found in many all-USSR and republican newspapers and magazines. Nowadays he is a prize-winner of numerous international caricature exhibitions. His hand is sharp, his individual style is unmistakably recognizable – it is laconic, deep and grotesque. Lambent humour is always surprising but never evil or sarcastic.


Lighthouse in Zalivino becomes new object of Museum of the World Ocean

Ms Svetlana Sivkova, director general of the MWO, said on July 5 in her speech addressed to participants of the boat trip devoted to the 30th anniversary of the museum and the 75 th anniversary of the Great Victory. The lighthouse was passed to the Museum of the World Ocean by the decision of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Now enormous restoration works on revival of this historic object are ahead of us. Right now one can see a sign at the entry to the lighthouse territory: “The object is a federal property and belongs to the Museum of the World Ocean”!

The museum staff has cleaned the territory and developed step-by-step plans on restoration of this object, unique both for the region and Russia.

Letter of Thanks from Italy


The Museum of the World Ocean and its branch in Saint-Petersburg, the icebreaker Krassin,  received a letter from descendants of participants of Umberto Nobile's expedition.

On its 103rd birthday, the staff of the museum and branch, the legendary icebreaker Krassin, sent a letter of support to its Italian colleagues. In 1928, it was the Krassin, that managed to break through the Arctic ice and rescue the participants of the polar expedition and its leader Umberto Nobile whose airship Italia crashed. The humanitarian action became one of the heroic pages in the history of the USSR. ThedeedbytheKrassincrew was imprinted in science, art, literature and even industry. Memoirs of the heroes were published in numerous editions and the book by E. Mindlin (correspondent of the icebreaker Krassin) became a table-top book for several generations of Soviet kids and young people.


Ocean in Art

The art exhibition from the collection of the Museum of the World Ocean (paintings, graphics, sculptures, decorative art)

This year the Museum of the World Ocean celebrates its 30th anniversary and is preparing exhibition surprises for its guests. In the present period, the museum has to halt its visitor service but the staff continues creating exhibitions which will be opened as soon as the doors are open wide for everyone. Right now, we are working at the project “Ocean in Art”. It will comprehensively present the museum’s art collection.

Over 70 by diverse artists created in different time periods are a sort of visual story about the ocean. Canvases and sculptures are only a drop in the ocean of art works kept by the museum. The depository comprises about 5,000 art pieces and the jubilee is a reason for glimpsing this collection. Seascapes, maritime history andfishermen’s everyday chores are the main topics of the future exhibition. Visitors will see pictures by Pen, Mikhailovskii, Fayustov, Lengryun, Konyukhov, etc. The museum will display sculptures by Lyudmila Bogatova, Stanislaus Cauer, etc. And there will be a premiere of the art composition by Henrika Bartkutė. Her art is always picturesque and uncommon.

Diverse works, diverse techniques. But every single picture is a chance to look at the Ocean in a new way and get swept away by art.

The art collection “Ocean” started at the Kaliningrad Regional Museum of History and Art for the future Museum of the World Ocean in 1983. Throughout 30 years the museum staff have collected over 5,000 artifacts anda special place is given to Kaliningrad artists telling about the beauty of the Baltic coast as well as sailors’ and fishermen’s labour.

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