I Salute You, the Eternal Sea!

Over the years, the Museum of the World Ocean has displayed art exhibitions from the leading Russia’s  museums as well as solo exhibitions by modern seascape artists. Poppe Folkerts, German impressionist, stands out among intriguing but almost unknown names in Russia. If it is possible to draw an analogy to Russian artists then Poppe Folkerts can be recognized in the same light as the prominent painters of the early 20 th century such as Valentin Serov, Konstantin Korovin and Ilya Repin.

Poppe Folkerts’ art is a graphic example of European seascape painting of the first half o the 20 th century. The artist himself was also a traveler and a skillful yachtsman and had close relations with the Kunstakademie Königsberg, where he studied with Professor Ludwig Dettmann (1902—1903). Here in 1908, he held his first solo exhibition. And now, 110 after, artist’s canvases are in the Amber Land again.

The idea to present an exhibition by this artist in Kaliningrad appeared in spring 2016. It took two years of intense correspondence, in-person meetings and trips to make plans come true. During numerous negotiations partnership between the Museum of the World Ocean and German Society Fördergemeinschaft Poppe-Folkerts-Museum Norderney e.V was established. The Consulate General of Germany in Kaliningrad assisted and supported the organization of the exhibition.

From September to December, 2018, guests of the Maritime Exhibition Hall in Svetlogorsk are welcome to see and enjoy amazingly talented, fresh and unbelievably bright Poppe Folkerts’ works. The exhibition I Salute You, the Eternal Sea! features 46 works (painting) embracing the period from 1901 to the late 1940s. Today, this art is estimated at 1 million Euro and one picture can cost from 50 to 100 thousand Euro. 

The museum is going to publish a catalogue with the materials of the exhibition. It can keep your impressions got during the meeting with the paintings by the outstanding German artist.