Opening Hours


Dear guests, please, take into consideration the opening hours for public holidays.


On June 11,we are glad to see you at:

- Maritime Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad exhibition hall

- Packgaus exhibition hall

- Kosmonavt Viktor Patsayev ship for space communication

- B-413 submarine

-Naval Centre

June 12we are glad to see you at:

- Main building of the museum

- R/V Vityaz

- Trawler SRT-219

- Lightship Irbenskiy

- Friedrichsburg Gate

- Koenig Gate

- Maritime Exhibition Hall (Svetlogorsk)

- Icebreaker Krassin (Saint Petersburg)

We are also glad to offer cycle mobiles, run bikes and table tennis for lease at the territory of the museum.

Please, take this information into consideration when planning your visit.

opening hours 


Ticket price

Dear visitors!

You can take part in the construction of a new building of Museum of the World Ocean by making a donation. The museum will be grateful for your assistance and will give you a membership in the Museum Friends’ Club with lots of privileges! Moreover, you name will be put in the list of personal gratitude. The money transfer to the museum account is made by an order of transfer. Bank details and a template of an order of transfer are  here.