Friends' Gifts for Museum

IMG 20200415 145710The awards of the Russian Empire, USSR and foreign countries will be displayed at the Museum of the World Ocean soon. The generous gift was donated to the Museum of the World Ocean by its old friend and arts patron, Mr Vladimir Shcherbakov, the founder of AVTOTOR Company, for its 30th jubilee.

These are 482 awards of diverse national historic periods as well as medals and orders of foreign countries (including table-top medals of different shape and size). The collection is of a special value since it is almost impossible to find some certain articles in the original.

159 commemorative coins were also gifted to the museum. The awards are copies and the coins are original.

We express our gratitude to our old friend Mr Vladimir Shcherbakov for the opportunity to present exhibits to its guests and thus tell about the history and specific features of various awards. Earlier, the joint project with Mr Vladimir Shcherbakov resulted in the display of the collection "People of the Sea" he handed over to the Maritime Exhibition Hall in Svetlogorsk. Today it is one of the best five ethnographic collections of Southeast Asia in the world.

IMG 20200415 145801A unique exhibit was also handed over to the museum. This is a witness of the recent history of the R/V Vityaz - a plating fragment of the built-time period - that was given to the museum by the Svetlii Shipyard which performed dry docking and repair works for the Vityaz in 2019. The old museum's friends, the Federation of Sailing, the windsurfing club and Vasilii Bukanov (Head of the Kaliningrad River Port) donated a Mistral board with a sail and a compass. These items are good for the museum education projects. Artist Vladimir Tsikin and the administration of Yunost Sports Centre presented art works and thus enlarged the museum art collection. The Museum's Friends Club donated a  decorative pine and a magnolia; these trees will be planted on the territory of the Planet Ocean complex. 

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