World Ocean Day 2019


June 8, World Ocean Day, is coming soon. And the Museum of the World Ocean traditionally holds the event A White Sail – the Clean Ocean this year.

All the museum vessels moored at the Historic Fleet Embankment will fly a white flag as a symbol of care of water resources and their purity. We  encourage your friends and partners — captains of research vessels, private yachts and cutters — to support the event since each white flag is a voice in favour of protection of the World Ocean.

This day volunteers are going to disseminate leaflets at the territory of the museum. A leaflet contains easy rules and tips to take care of the vast water areas and save them for the future generations. Engrossing and informative workshops will acquaint with the secrets of the deep-sea, also try 1000 And 1 Question About The Ocean quiz to test your knowledge of geography.

The day before the holiday, on June 7, the Museum of the World Ocean staff are going to clean the museum water area of the Pregol River. If you’d like, please, join us – you can clean any water pool or a coastline. Together we can save the World Ocean and make it clean!

Short information
Today there are several drifting garbage patches in the World Ocean. One of them is as big as Texas and larger than France. A patch consisting of millions of tons of garbage drifts between California, the Hawaii and Alaska and kills over one million seabirds as well as over one hundred thousand marine mammals annually. Each year over hundred million plastic goods are produced and 10% of them get into the World Ocean andb ecome a part of a garbage patch. According toscientists’ estimation, the present-day area of a garbage patch is over 1 million square metres and weight – over 3.5 million tons. In 2001, plastic island weighed sixfold more than zooplankton near it and this figure is constantly growing as well as the number of garbage patches.


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