The Long Night of Museums 2019

On the Long Night of Museums the Museum of the World Ocean is going to become a theatre!

Only this night all the museum objects will transform into stages where guests can experience diverse kinds and forms of theatre arts. The permanent exhibitions will be reconsidered as stage genres.

The exhibition Depth will be given a new coat of paint: the Kaliningrad Regional Puppet Theatre is going to present a show for young visitors in the evening, and at midnight – experiments and performances. A new exhibition “When the Volga Was a Sea” – a true sea of the Jurassic Period inhabited by sea reptiles – will be the climax of the Night!

All evening long guests will plunge into the ocean of museum theatre stages. Laboratories and cabins on board the R/V Vityaz will take on life as if it has already returned from an expedition.

The Congress Hall of the main museum building is hosting the International Studio Theatre of Labiau Castle with a musical and mysterious thriller “A Collector of Puppets” and the Kaliningrad Regional Music Theatre with its new and best works.

The ethnographic exhibition “The World of Travel” at Maritime Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad is a zest and theatre-like itself since it features the dramatic world of rituals and traditions of the other part of the globe.

Come and entertain yourself at art zones of a shadow puppetry and an absolutely freaky photo zone “A Trick of the Light” where one can take a professional photograph and find the best selfie angle.

Of course, there will be special guided tours, platforms for creativity and media zones for every category of visitors!

P.S. The best street musicians start performing at the museum embankment at 7 pm.

The Aral: the Lost Sea

1974A new solo exhibition by Vladimir Gladkov titled ‘The Aral: the Lost Sea’ featuring 42 art and graphic works is opened at the Art Gallery in Svetlogorsk on May 16 at 4 pm.

As any keen person, the artist tries to see the world in its full diversity. This can explain author’s craving for knowledge, travels and new discoveries. Vladimir Gladkov’s series of works created during his trips to Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and other countries as well as those presented at the exhibition reveal the beauty and harmony of nature and human creation. But the focal point of the exhibition is the dying sea. The Aral we are losing step by step, still attracts artists. It gives an opportunity to create landscapes of deep philosophical message. As a result, every visitor can experience their own world view but make an identical conclusion – it is essential to safe vulnerable beauty of nature since we are one common together.

1980The exhibition is displayed till August 1, 2019.

See you at the Art Gallery of the Maritime Exhibition Hall (The Amber Hall, 11 Lenina Street, Svetlogorsk, Russia).

About the artist
Vladimir Gladkov was born in Tashauz (Turkmenistan) on May 12, 1947. He studied art in Tashkent. He studied painting by I.Sokolov at P.Benkov Tashkent School of Fine Arts and by V.Zhdanov at the Tashkent State Institute of Pedagogy (Faculty of Art and Graphics). Gladkov has participated in exhibitions since 1978. In 1988, he joined the Union of Artists of the USSR. His first solo exhibition was held in Tashkent in 1979.1984 Over the period of 1978 to the present day, Gladkov has organized 12 solo exhibitions in Tashkent, Minsk and Athens. His works can be found both in private collections all around the world and in depositories in Uzbekistan, Belorussia, UK, Turkey, etc.

Getting Ready for the Jubilees

The next year the main museum exhibit – the legendary Vityaz – celebrates several jubilees at once: its own 80 th anniversary, the 70 th anniversary of the first research expedition, the 40 th anniversary of the final scientific voyage and the 25 th anniversary of the moorage at the Historic Fleet Embankment.

So many milestone anniversaries! It is a perfect reason to remember how the things started and take part in Give Memories! initiative. The Most impressive moments! The first impression! Interesting stories! And it is all about the museum and the legendary ship of science. Your photographs and intriguing stories will become a true history and… a book! Yes, they will, they will be a real book or a collection of stories and a photo album at the same time. Please, send your works – texts and pictures – via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

On World Oceans Day, June 8 2019, we will sum up! The 25 best authors will be awarded by the Museum of the World Ocean!


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